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Policies & Bylaws

The Library Board, according to the Alberta Libraries Act, has full management and
control of the Library and shall, in accordance with the regulations, organize, promote and
maintain comprehensive and efficient Library services in the municipalities and may co-operate
with other Boards and Libraries in the provision of those services.

A local board shall determine policy giving direction over:

  • framework governance including vision, mission, objectives and goals that include long term planning, policies reflective of community needs, and evaluates progress as outlined in policies and action plan.
  • operational governance that directs the libraries programs, personnel and financial functions
  • advocacy governance: garnering community support and appreciation for the Library’s beliefs, vision, mission and long term direction. 

To fulfil this function the Board:

  • develops community awareness,
  • represents the Library to the community, government(s), foundations, corporations and funding agencies
  • monitors government legislation and advises government officials on the impact of current and proposed policies.

Sheep River Library & Town of Diamond Valley Library Board: Policies & Bylaws

Approved February 7, 2013: Section 3 - Bylaws - 2013 

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