About TRAC

The automated catalogue for

  • Marigold Library System
  • Northern Lights Library System
  • Peace Library System
  • Yellowhead Regional Library System

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What is TRAC?

TRACpac is the online catalog for Marigold (your library system) and contains nearly 3 million items. With a valid library card (available from the Sheep River Library) you can place holds on material or renew items from home or at your library.

What can TRAC do for you?

  • place holds on items in their catalogue and have them sent to you at your library
  • let you look at your account and see what you have checked out
  • renew items
  • read book reviews, summaries, tables of contents and find lists of other titles in a series of books
  • browse recommended titles, collections and best sellers
  • explore links to other resources, even eResources
  • explore Mango Languages

How do you search and place a hold at TRAC?

  1. Select a method of searching (title, author, anyword ...)
  2. Type in the search terms you with to use and click Go or press Enter
  3. Check the publication date before placing a hold - sometimes having the latest information is important
  4. Click on anitem to view the list of available holdings and check if your local library has a copy of the item
  5. The item status may show that a copy is available (checked in or on the shelving cart) in your library, in which case you can pick up the item at your library
  6. If your library does not have a copy of the item or the status shows checked out, click the request item button and a screen will appear asking you for your barcode and pin number.
  7. Enter the barcode from your library card and your PIN (the last for digits of your home phone number
  8. Click Login
  9. Check where you would like to pick up the item when it becomes available - TRACpac usually defaults to your local library
  10. Click on Request. Your are also given the opportunity to cancel your hold at this point
  11. If you wish to place more holds, click on return to search, otherwise click Logout and Return if you are finished using TRACpac

How to Access your Patron Information at TRAC

  1. Click on My Account at the top of the screen
  2. Enter the barcode number from your library card and your PIN
  3. Click Login. They system will dispaly the Account Overview screen
  4. Select one of the options on the screen or along the blue tab
    • Items Out/Renew - view items you have checked out and renew items
    • Titles on Hold - view your holds and check the status
    • Fines/Messages - view the blocks (fines, messages, overdue items) on your account
    • Patron Information - view your account information and request changes
    • Holds History - view the holds you have placed during the year
  5. When you are finished using TRACpac click Logout

How to Renew an Item at TRAC

  1. Click on My Account
  2. Enter the barcode number from your library card and your PIN
  3. Click on Items Out/Renew
  4. All the items you have out and their due dates will be listed
  5. Click the box on the left side of the item to select it, then click Renew
  6. Watch the dates to make sure that each item you wish to renew has been changed
  7. You will not be able to renew items that other people are waiting for, that are overdue, or that you have renewed twice beofre. If you need to renew a third time, call or visit your library

How to View Your Holds at TRAC

  1. Login to your account as previously described
  2. Click Titles on Hold to display the items you have on hold and their status. To change the status of a hold, click the appropriate boxes and click Change Status. To Cancel a Hold, click the appropriate box and click Cancel Request

General Information

  • Use the Add to my List button to view multiple items. Go to My List to view your selection.
  • Manage the book lists you create by clicking on the My List button at the top right corner of the screen. To view the deletion date for your lists, to rename or to delete lists, click on the Manage Lists button.
  • When entering authors names, always use last name first.
  • You can omit punctuation in your search term
  • You can omit initial articles from your search term (i.e. leave out the, a, an when they occur at the beginning of a title).
  • To view best sellers lists, special collections and more, go to Search TRAC and click on Recommended Titles

There is More!

  • Click on Tutorials - youll find web-based tutorials that explore the major features of TRACpac, show how to do a basic search, how to log in and out and how to request a library item. Each tutorial is a Flash movie. Click a link to load and watch the tutorial on your computer.
  • Click on Other Resources - includes links to Ask a Question, e-resources (online databases), and TAL Online Catalogue.
  • Click on About TRAC - includes links to the websites of TRAC partners and a feedback page for you to send comments and questions about TRACpac.

You can do all this in your library, from home or anywhere else with Internet!