Sheep River Library - LEED

We are proud of the fact that the Sheep River Library is a "LEED" building. As of November 5, 2012 we are at a SILVER Rating!  (Please see the PDF file that is attached elaborating on this.)

Welcome To Sheep River Library the Lifelong Learning Location for people of the Diamond Valley Area!

Notice our Special Shelving

Shelving in the library was done by a local craftsman according to specifications which accommodate better visibility of books on the bottom shelves. The extra lighting hidden under the shelves also attribute to the ‘barrier free’ aspect in that the titles are easier to read on lit slanted shelves. Other shelving throughout the library, with the exception of the children’s area, do not utilize the bottom shelves to enable easy reading of the book titles and to help the backs of volunteers who shelve the books.

Magazine shelving is also specially designed for easy access to past issues. With just a light touch, the display shelves will lift on their own, exposing back issues. Generous patrons pay for the magazine subscriptions.

Study Carousels

Study carousels are available for patrons to take advantage of the wireless internet aspect of the library. By either using their own laptops, or borrowing one of the many laptops at the library, patrons can study in quite seclusion in one of the eight carousels.

Tile Wall

The Wall of Tiles was an initiative undertaken by the Friends of the Library to help fundraise for the internal furnishings and equipment required to make this facility a functioning community resource. Each tile was sold for $50. The green tiles were stamped with the donors name and fired. Then the donor was invited to paint their own personal image with special paint. Painting sessions were held over six months and were supervised by the Friends of the Library. The painted blocks were then fired and finally mounted on this wall.

Reading Garden

The Reading Garden, flower boxes, and surrounding bush beds, as well as the internal plants within the library, are cared for by a group of volunteers known as the Garden Group. These people have constructed the flower pots as ‘wicking pots’ so that they do not require constant watering. The water is contained in a lower reservoir with wicks that draw the water up into the soil for constant moisture for the plants.  Reading Garden furnishings were purchased from  the ATB (Alberta Treasury Branch) donation.  


To conserve on paper, hands can be dried either by the highly efficient hand blowers or cloth towels. A special children’s toilet is situated close to the children’s reading area so that parents do not have to leave unattended children when answering the needs of a small sibling.

Circulation Desk

The dropped area of the circulation desk is a feature attended to be barrier free. It is of a height to assist wheelchair patrons, those that find lifting books to any height a difficulty, or for small children.

Community Archives

This section of the library is specifically designed for community groups. Rather than have the minute books, financial records and scrap books of a particular group change from home to home as elections take place, groups are invited to keep their documentation in this central community location. It is meant to be a community service.


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