Just move to the Internet, it's great here.

News Date: 
10 April 2014

“Just move to the Internet, it’s great here. We get to live inside where the weather is always awesome.” ― John Green

Whether we like it or not, the Internet has changed how we do many things in our world, including library service. Some libraries in the United States, such as Biblio Tech in San Antonio are now completely bookless and offer titles on e-readers, I pads and laptops.

Although we are far from seeing this happen at Sheep River, there is an ever growing pool of e-resources (electronic resources) available to our patrons. Many people are familiar with Overdrive which provides books in e- book format for e- readers and other devices. If you are a regular user of this resource you may have noticed that the e- books are now available directly in TracPac (www.tracpac.ab.ca). You simply select the e- book format and then click on the link that will take you to the Overdrive page. In the coming weeks, there will be a new platform for e- books -3M Cloud and it will be accessible in the same way. This will greatly increase the number of e-books available for patrons to download. There are many other e- resources available on the TracPac page such as Zinio, where you can download current issues of over 80 magazines. There are also newspaper and journal articles, as well as encyclopaedias and reference materials. Mango language learning software is also a freely accessible resource through TracPac. Mango offers 57 foreign language courses as well as 17 English courses for non- English speakers. It is worth a click on the e- resource icon to check all that is available through TracPac. Other resources are available on the Marigold Library System Webpage (www.marigold.ab.ca) such as Grant Connect, which is an innovative and comprehensive tool that connects non -profit groups with funders such as Government Agencies, Foundations or Corporations. This resource is only accessible in the library but is extremely easy to use and provides information such as who gives money to what; how much and how often. Links to the funders’ sites are embedded in Grant Connect, so it is easy to connect with whichever groups are relevant to your organization.


Apps are another resource that have found their way into the library world.

Apps are another resource that have found their way into the library world. If you own a smart phone you can put your library barcode into it and we can scan directly from your phone. We are hoping in the not too distant future to have a Sheep River Library app that can be downloaded to your phone where you can access all our events and current information. This app will link directly to our web page and Facebook page which are two e- resources we use heavily to connect with our patrons.

E-resources are on the rise and we will endeavour to keep our patrons informed as new ones become active. In the coming weeks we can expect a link to a site that will allow Alberta Wide borrowing for all Marigold members. This means you will be able to use your Sheep River Card at any library in Alberta.

If all of this seems daunting and you need help navigating the e-resource world, we have now set time aside for this. On Friday afternoons from 2:00-4:00 pm Gita will be available to help patrons with e- reader set up or problems, downloading books or navigating other e-resource sites. Please call the library (403-933-3278) to make an appointment and we will aid your move to the Internet where it absolutely is not still snowing.