February at the Sheep River Library

News Date: 
13 February 2014

Although the month of February is shorter than all the others, it does bring us two days that are celebrated across the continent. Groundhog Day (February 2) heralds the end of winter. If you live in a gentler clime this could be but a few short weeks away. For us High Country folk it’s more like a few months away. Personally, I think we should rename all our seasons so that they more adequately reflect reality. I’m proposing we move to Pre-Winter (Fall), Winter (Nov, Dec), Deep Winter (Jan-Feb), Extra Winter (Spring), and Post Winter (Summer). But, I digress… The second festive occasion we look forward to is of course Valentine’s Day, where we celebrate love and romance which we never want to end. For some members of our population (men) this may be the only day of the year that these matters receive any attention at all. For others, cultivating romance is a more frequent activity, particularly if you are an avid reader of the genre. Now, I know there are those of us who view anything that comes in paperback format as nothing more than brain candy so the following statistics may surprise you:

  • 56 % of all paperback sales are Romance books.
  • Women make up 91 percent of Romance book buyers, and men make up 9 percent.
  • The Romance book buyer is most likely to be aged between 30 and 54 years.
  • 39 % have an income between $50,000 and $99,900.
  • 50 % of readers live with a spouse or significant other.
  • 44 % of Romance book buyers consider themselves "frequent readers" (read quite a few Romances); 31 % are "avid readers" (almost always reading a Romance novel); and 25 % are "occasional readers" (on and off, like when on vacation).
  • 41 % of Romance book buyers have been reading romance for 20 years or more.

Of course, we have many Romance paperbacks in our collection, but it is not our largest genre; that would be Mystery. We also have Science Fiction, Fantasy (which is where my husband thinks all Romance books belong), Horror, Action War, Westerns and General Fiction. Due to the popularity of these books we have ordered more shelving so that we can increase the collection and make it easier to read the spines –no more knee-bending to see what is on the bottom shelf. We are also starting to put sub-genre stickers on the spines, to help you get exactly what you want. So, you will see Paranormal Romance stickers on books in the Romance section. That way, you will only end up reading about hunky vampires and werewolves by choice, not accident. We are also putting Suspense stickers on the Mystery books that fall into that category –books that are more gruesome than Agatha Christie but not scary enough to make it to the Horror section. We may add other sub genres as we continue on such as Romantic Suspense, Historical Romance or Modern Western.

So sometime towards the end of February come in and check out our new paperback section. While you’re here, grab a brochure of all our Winter & Spring (that would be Extra Winter) programs and come and learn something new!