Alberta Wide Borrowing

News Date: 
17 June 2014

No matter where you travel in Alberta this summer, you are never far from a library that you will now have access to. What has long been a dream of many librarians and patrons alike is now a reality. Alberta wide borrowing is now here! Several libraries and library systems are already active: Edmonton Public, Calgary Public, Parkland, Chinook Arch & Shortgrass. The four library systems that make up TRAC (Yellowhead, Peace River, Northern Lights & our own system: Marigold) will be active as soon as June 30. (At least, this is the date they told us, but it could be a bit of a moving target). As a Sheep River Library patron you will be able to join other public libraries across Alberta and borrow their materials using your existing library card through the ME Library service for no extra cost. You will not have to collect other barcodes or pay any extra fees.

ME Libraries is a web-based service that allows patrons with a library card from a participating library to create an account with and access the physical collections at all other participating libraries. Interested patrons complete a self-service web form to create an account with libraries other than their home library. This allows you to use your home library card as your library card at any participating library you have registered with.  You can pick and choose which libraries you wish to use. All items must be picked up at the owning library but can conveniently be returned to any ME library.

You can access all of the collections available to a regular library cardholder at any library you create an account with access to online resources and interlibrary loan services. Licensing restrictions for online resources do not currently permit member libraries to extend access to patrons that do not live in their municipal area. You may continue to have Sheep River Library handle your interlibrary loan services.

Registration is simple: Go to and follow the registration prompts. Once registered, your home library card will immediately serve as your card for all libraries you have registered with. Some registrations may result in a modified PIN. You will be notified at registration if your PIN was changed. Also, the first time you use your barcode and PIN to access your online account at a new library, you may be prompted to create a username. Your account membership length at the libraries you register with will be set as your home library expiry date or one year, whichever is shorter. You will need to renew your membership at all of the ME libraries you chose to register with each year. Once you've renewed your membership at your home library, visit to renew your other accounts.  Make the most of your library card and access more items for free!

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