Sheep River Library - 2012 Year in Review

Sheep River Library - 2012 Year in Review

Library Operations

Library Hours of Operation were extended to 10am-5pm on Mondays, Fridays and Saturdays, and 10am-8pm on Tuesday, Wednesdays and Thursdays

Kids Summer Reading program was headed by a part time employee funded by Community Spirit money. The coordinator was hired for June to get plans in place and marketing strategies to the schools. There were 123 summer participants, 35 craft participant and 77 Movie Night registrants.

SRL started the year off with a 50% cardholder increase since April 2011. The May Marigold statistical report showed an increase in Sheep River Cardholders of 76% over 2010 stats. And a 38% increase of MD cardholders registered to Sheep River Library

Marigold reported in May that Sheep River cardholders had borrowed 212 e-books since the January installation of Overdrive to Marigold. This very expensive service is made possible to our patrons due to our partnership in this regional system. By the end of the year 2691 overdrive uses (ebooks) were recorded

Purchase of 5 Kobo Touch E-readers for patron use with money from Literacy for Life. Policy for lending needed.

Doris D was hired on a part time basis to compliment the increased staff needs.
The library Web Site continues to get increased usage. Thanks to Norma for keeping notices interesting and current. The Facebook page saw increased usage throughout the year also. The year ended with 132 ‘likes’.

The Library is quickly becoming a hub of community activities as many groups make use of the meeting room space including: Mount Royal Nursing School, Permaculture Group, Co Housing Group, FCSS, High Country Wellness, TVOGG, Mediation Group, Elections Canada, Elections Alberta, Community Garden Group, High Country SPCA, Oilfields Sports Association, Conservative Party , Millarvillle Racing and Ag Society, Dryland Sailors, Rowan House, Hargrove Management consultants, Oilfields Brownies Parents, Chamber of Commerce, Beaver Leaders, Cause and Effect Foundation, TV Planning Commission, Writers Group, Untitled Productions, TV Council, Friends of the Library

Programs and Events

Family Literacy Day was held in late January, “Get Caught Reading” with prizes from Literacy for Life.

A Donor Appreciation Luncheon and Open House was held March 24. All Donors were invited. A full color brochure listed donors and had pictures of the major expenditures. Mission was twofold – to honor donors and engage community in visiting with the ten Program Partners that had displays throughout the library. Over 200 people attended.

Art Displays were organized by Palma Heming throughout the year included the following artists: Liz Sullivan, Deanna Smith, Bill Dixon, Bev Wagar, Grace Langford, Marg Smith, Christi Tims, Dale Bishop, Bill Shaw, Maureen Janssens, Connie Schumacher, Peter Stapley, Randal Williamson, Maxine Ouellet, Andrea Oakley, Oilfields High School. The Artists host a reception which brings in guests to view the exhibit.

A Community-wide Volunteer Appreciation Event, put on by the two FCSS groups was held at the library in April.

Solar Car display by the University of Calgary engineer team attracted 100 visitors on May 4.
SRL continues to partner with Search and Rescue, Literacy for Life and McBride. Jan met with Community Futures and Bow Valley College to discuss future programs. The Dogtooth Film Group continues to host monthly film presentations which draw the public to the library. Plan of action was approved to purchase these films for circulation to cardholders.

‘Signature Event Planning’ meetings for a major series of events during Canadian Library month commenced in March. Five categories for this “OUT LOUD” series were scheduled for October. This was the first step in the execution of the library’s strategic goal to implement a significant annual event. This event was funded by the Friends of the Library.

  1. TTYL: Author Readings for four age groups of elementary school children (collaboration with the school librarians). This event brought every school child into the library resulting in increased memberships and participation.
  2. Reel Independent Filmmaking for Grades 5-7. Two young local filmmakers taught classes on pre and post production techniques which enabled the children to go off and make their own short films.
  3. Celebrity Reads, we worked in conjunction with Wordfest to bring in Terry Fallis, who wowed a crowd of 100 during a splendid evening presentation.
  4. Authors Among Us: An author expo of 40 local authors that brought in citizens to listen to salon readings and to visit. This event highlighted one of the libraries objectives to create awareness of Alberta talent and expand SRL collection of local authors.
  5. Write Away: A Writers’ workshop featuring 10 presenters who shared their expertise with registrants on Magazine Writing, Print Journalism, Fantasy and Science Fiction, Non Fiction Writing, Getting Published, Poetry, E-book Publishing, Broadcast Journalism, and The Art of the Monologue.Two authors, Bill Bunn and Grant Wolf held book launches at the library.
    Sheep River Health Trust held a fundraiser, "The Avenue of Trees" at the local library bringing in many guests.

Building Initiatives

Glen made frequent repairs to the building throughout the year. Additional shelving was put up on the outside walls.
An Art student from Oilfields High School, Brianna Nicholson, created a wall painting by the graphic novels.

The vending machine arrived in March and is a much appreciated feature for those wanting to spend time at the library.

Acoustic Tiling to cut down the echo in the building was researched by Rob O and approved in April. Installation by volunteers under the direction of Glen Chambers and the town man-lift occurred in May. Installation of the quilt rods was done by Rob in the summer and the first quilt display, which further enhanced sound quality happened over the summer.

Garden group continued to look after indoor plants and with an approved budget, installed a rain barrel in the reading garden and created fabulous flower boxes enjoyed throughout the summer. The six brightly colored chairs and umbrellas arrived in time for summer enjoyment.

Two additional motion activated security cameras were added to monitor the big table area and the garden. Images are kept for up to a month so that activity in the library can be reviewed.

A Building Security Alarm System was installed over the summer and building alarm codes activated in the fall.
The Town of Turner Valley received notification from Endermodel that our building was awarded LEED Silver Status.

Fundraising and Donations

Thirty-five magazine subscriptions were donated, a continuing practice of patrons of the library.
Many board members and volunteers assisted with the implementation of the Friends of the Library Casino held Feb 14 and 15. Holly reported that cheque was forwarded to the Friends for $51,046.87. Amendments for use of the proceeds to fund program initiatives was sent to gaming in June by the Friends so that instruction cost could be paid.
Kindergarten classes from both towns visited the library in May to receive the gift of a Family Membership provided by Mark, manager of AG Foods.

Linda M, with the assistance of Pam and Jan, filled in an application for New Horizons funding to support an upcoming Seniors Walking program, The Sheep River Ramblers. Grant application paperwork submitted by the end of June

FCSS grants were applied for and received from Black Diamond and Turner Valley.

Reconciliation of the Friends CFEP and Community Spirit Grants was accomplished by Lisa and Jan. A Sheep River Library Community Spirit Grant Application was complete by Jan and Linda and submitted by December. Revenue from the contributed portion art sales is modest. Community Service Youth assisted during summer months.

The new group of Friends of the Sheep River Library met with board and staff members to fine tune future working relationships and Casino regulations. Linda M, Lisa, Gail attended the Casino workshop.

Staff, Volunteer and Board Development

  • Brenda and Jan attended the Book Fair with Marigold rep Lynne.
  • Sheila and Brenda attended the First level First Aid course in Feb – now all staff has Emergency First Aid Level “C”.
  • The Trustee training workshop held March 3 in Claresholm was attended by Jane, Lisa, Lane, Deanna, Jim, Diane and Gerald.
  • The Southern Alberta Library Conference, held in Lethbridge on March 9 and 10 was attended by Diane and Pam.
  • Marigold Conference in May attended by Jan, Brenda (Diane was presenting session on Volunteers in the Library).
  • Word 2010 classes at Mount Royal College were attended by library manager in March.
  • Library Leaders Workshop at Marigold Headquarters attended by staff in June.
  • Gita and Jan registered for the SAIT Library Assistant's certificate program that can be taken on line.
  • The Alberta Library Conference in Jasper April 26-29 was attended by Jan.
  • Diane also attended and was elected to the ALTA Board of Directors.
  • Cataloguing 101 videoconference course was taken in September by Brenda, Gita and Jan.
  • Several meetings were held by groups utilizing videoconferencing.
  • Staff put on workshops and training sessions on computer use, freeding, e-books, TAL, essay writing.

Board Governance

Review of the old policies was undertaken by the ad-hoc Policy and Procedures Committee of the board, headed by Pam Vipond, to include, revise, and/or rewrite old policies. Work started in earnest in January with content input by various board members including: Jan – Operations, Irene & Gail -Personnel, Jane then Lisa & Margie – treasurer, Linda – Fund Development and Donor/Recognition, Diane – Overview section, By-Laws and Board Governance. The new sections on Advocacy/Communications, Programs, and Technology will be developed at a later date.

An analysis of 2009, 2010 and 2011 furnishings and building expenditures of money raised by Friends through donations and grants was reviewed in February. Much time spent in reconciliation of the two CFEP and Community Spirit grants.

A change of name to the line item in the budget designated for Building reserve is now renamed to Operating and Upgrades Contingency Fund with money designated to unexpected payments, unexpected operating expenses as we move forward in the new building, and contingency for computer and technology upgrades.

Procedure to include ALL reports, discussions, action items, correspondence, especially motions on all financial topics in the board minutes was accepted to reflect the need for accurate, comprehensive records and historical documentation.

Discussions began in January regarding the need for outdoor signage to advertise library activities and programs. Permission was granted in the summer and plans were forwarded to Spring Creek Woodworking. Funding for this signage came from Friends CFEP grant.

Four Marigold Board meetings were attended by the SRL Chair and alternates. Diane was appointed to the Marigold Advocacy Committee.

A new policy on appreciation for Staff, Board and Volunteers was accepted in the Personnel report of February and will be included in the policy upgrades.

Jane Toews retired as treasurer in the summer and Lisa Park took on this responsibility and introduced a new bookkeeping system especially for tracking grants. A new bookkeeper Karen Milne started in March.

A decision was made in March to have two library volunteer appreciation events per year - a Christmas celebration and a June BBQ. Consensus by board, in September, that it is the board and staff that should jointly implement the volunteer appreciation activities for our dedicated library supporters and a policy reflecting this shared responsibility will be put in place with developing policy revisions. At the June BBQ, Malcolm Russell put on a magic show; Paul Rumbolt put on a Christmas Concert at the December event.

Resignations to the board were received by Jane T and Linda N. Applications of Margie Newington and Linda McCauley were board approved, forwarded to the Town of Black Diamond and ratified in May. Margie joined the Board Finance and Policy Development committees.

Linda Mc, with her experience in fundraising and donor management, volunteered to be on the Policy Development Committee with a view to creating the job description for a Funds Development Chair and expanding the donations and recognition policies. Gail Page joined the Personnel Committee and maintains being Marigold Alternate.

Staff job descriptions were updated by Personnel Committee and Jan in June to reflect increased staff responsibilities in servicing the increased number of patrons.

Marigold New IT policies and implications for our library were reviewed in June. New technology policies will reflect our partnership with Marigold tech services.

Planning for the winter Literacy event, Authors Among Us on February 2, was undertaken by Deanna Smith assisted by other board members. Up to 10 Alberta authors were selected to be part of this event.

Plans for the March 23, 2013 30 Year Anniversary celebration of the partnership between the Towns of Black Diamond, Turner Valley, Marigold and the Province were approved at the November meeting with many board members volunteering to spearhead many of the suggested initiatives.

Advocacy, Publicity and Community Awareness

New power point program on the screen at entrance of the library to alert clients to programs and special messages Jan wrote an article for inclusion in the monthly publication of the High Country News. Articles were also contained in the digital publication of the Gateway Gazette. The library is usually mentioned in the Black Diamond and Turner Valley column in the High Country News. The Western Wheel printed several feature articles on special events. Copies of all print-media is kept in a scrapbook for public perusal.
The complete slate of programs was advertised in the winter and fall Foothills Continuing Education Council booklet that goes to all MD households. All courses were advertised in a pull out section of the High Country News. Brochures of courses were printed in-house and handed out to patrons, placed in businesses around town.

The presentations to the Ladies Breakfast at the Catholic Church and the Latter Day Saints church were given by Jan during the spring.
Outdoor signage in both towns was utilized four times throughout the year to create community awareness.

Presentations were given to both town councils, the MD of Foothills, the staff of both elementary schools by Jan and Diane. A library booth was set up at both schools in early fall during Parent/teacher orientation sessions.

Participation in Community Events including Family Day, Discovery Days, Alberta Art Days and the Country Christmas Market by holding a Book Sale, generated lots of good will, advertising for library courses, and $500 in book sales.

A Library Information booth was set up for an entire day in front of ATB and at the Royal Bank during the fall. This helped create awareness of library programs, events, services, and the up-coming OUT LOUD program

Volunteer communications data base was updated by Jan in the fall. A Patrons email data base was initially entered by the summer staff person and updated for broad communications of special events and activities.

Please check out the Sheep River Library Web Page and become a friend on Sheep River Library Facebook page.